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nine men morris

History: Nine Men Morris, sometimes called Mill, has a known history that dates back to medieval Europe. Some people believe that the game dates back a lot further than that. Diagrams of a game board which appears to be Nine Men Morris were found in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt but no rules of the game were found.

Rules: At the start of the game each player has nine pieces or 'men'. Each player in turn places one of his men on any vacant point on the board. The objective is to get three men in a row along any line, thus forming a 'mill', and to prevent one's opponent from doing so. Each time a player forms a mill he is able to remove from the board any one of his opponent's men that he chooses - but not one which forms part of a mill unless there are none others available. After both players have placed all their men on the board they continue playing alternately, now moving one man at a time along a line to any adjacent point that is empty in an attempt to form further mills. As before, forming a mill entitles a player to remove one of his opponent's men from the board. nine men morris

Objective: The game is won when one's opponent is left with only two men or when his men are blocked so they cannot be moved.

Dimensions: .75" X 8" X 8"
Wood: cherry

Cost: $25.00


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